Delirium - Experiencing Delirium _JG 20.12.2016

Umu Kamara
9 months agoAugust 26, 2017
The story was  pathetic  and the medical team did a good job for their understanding.
Joanne Harrison
8 months agoSeptember 13, 2017
The lady was confused bless her
8 months agoSeptember 28, 2017
The staff where very good with the patient with delirium, bless all the family's with this situation.
Pat Pokora
3 months agoFebruary 6, 2018
It is a shame that the patients have to be moved into a different room sometimes but their is always a very good reason why the nursing staff arrange this.  It is so sad when a couple have to be split up like this when they have been with one another so long; but great when their is a good recovery and they can be back together again.
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